Monday, 28 May 2012

War criminals and war crimes lawyers

Robert Mugabe has revealed that he is a Chelsea supporter, which doesn't really surprise me. He used quite an unfortunate turn of of phrase when discussing his love for the London club.

"Even my wife knows where to sit because while they are scoring in the field I will also be scoring at home"
He wasn't talking about telling his wife to sit in the special sex zone of the living room . What he meant was that when he's watching football he always ends up kicking things around his house, and that's when Chelsea are winning. When they are losing he just orders his troops to go and murder innocent civilians. Moving swiftly on.

After years of dodgy dealings, corruption and goodness knows what else FIFA have created an ethics committee that will be headed by a top human rights owner. His name is Luis Moreno Campo and he will be the man in charge of investigating any allegations of corruption within the organisation. It comes about 18 months too late, as we already have a World Cup that is going to be in Qatar and a man called Jack Warner who has escaped any punishment for numerous "alleged" wrong-doings. That money is just resting in his account.

It's hoped that by taking these steps FIFA can start to repair their damaged reputation. Perhaps I'm biased because I hate Sepp Blatter and co but it's like when a criminal is released from prison. They tell everyone they've changed and they are truly sorry for what they have done you can't help but feel that as soon as they get a chance they will rape you and style your Iphone.