Thursday, 10 May 2012

The Venky's really like Steve Kean, Paul Hunt didn't

Blackburn Rovers have fired deputy chief executive Paul Hunt for having the audacity to suggest that Steve Kean is shit at being a manager.

In a leaked letter from December last year that I couldn't actually find on that website, Hunt advised the Venky's that sacking Kean might be a good idea if they wanted to avoid relegation.  They didn't and they now they are fucked because having stood by him this long, they'd look like total wimps if they got rid now, and Kean seems convinced that he is definitely the man for the job, still, even though everyone else in the world is telling him he's not.  In a way it's a bit like my music career, except that's different because I'm actually really good and people just don't understand me.  Just because people won't book you for their shows doesn't mean you shouldn't turn up anyway.  I have dreams!