Sunday, 13 May 2012

Van Persie's wife says they're aren't leaving

Because women control the world with their powerful hotness, we mortal men have to pretend that we're in charge.  Men like Robin van Persie, whose wife has just told everyone that they aren't moving because she likes her house.

I assume she's hot because he's awesome and rich, so here are some words she said:
“We have been in ­London for eight years now. As a family, we love it here.
“Robin is captain of Arsenal and, as many people claim, the leader of the Arsenal team.
“Arsenal believed in Robin when he was young and when he was considered as a bit of a rebel.
“We don’t want to upset things at home either. Our kids, Shaqueel and Dina, go to school here in London. And they are just as happy as we are.
“We still expect to sit down after this season is over and have a look at the future.
And now the moment of truth:

Hey-oh!  Robin passes the test, which is good because sometimes people can be confusing when they  tell you that you have passed something.  Like when I went for an AIDS test and was delighted when my results came back positive.  That sure was an awkward party.