Tuesday, 29 May 2012

The USA is good at singing national anthems

Scotland played the USA the other night and lost 5-1 blah blah blah they are shite.  The best thing about the whole game was the stunning rendition of The Star-Spangled Banner singer Victoria Zarlenga delivered.  I'd never seen a murder on live TV before.

It's pretty special and makes me feel a whole lot better at my largely shambolic musical career, which features such highlights as "Owen Hargreaves likes Fruit Pastilles" and a song about Ryan Nelsen being a ghost wolf.  In a live performance it can be pretty hard to hear yourself and that's what this lassie claims to  have happened, citing the lack of in ear monitors or uselessness of her monitors as the reason behind this abortion of a gig.  At least this video won't haunt her forever or completely destroy any semblance of a career she had in the first place.  They say that 'any press is good press' but this isn't true a lot of the time, especially if you sing like you're punching a cat in the face and waiting until it meows and then punching it again.  Or if the tabloids out you as pedophile.  That's also bad press.

Thanks to reader Gary Corbett for the heads up.  About the video, not the child molestation thing.