Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Titus Bramble is in court

Hilariously bad defender Titus Bramble is in court this week answering charges of sexual assault, which is never hilarious, because it's gross.  Let's see how he's getting on.

This unrelated video of R&B sensation Demarcus La Shonda is an example of the things you shouldn't say to women, let alone think, and Bramble has denied four counts of sexual assault at Teeside Crown Court including claims by a taxi driver that he found the defender's behaviour so inappropriate that he drove him to a police station himself.

To read the actual things that happened go here but basically girls have accused him of grabbing their arse, placing their hand on his crotch in a taxi and basically just doing things that only a real scum bag would.  I never understood guys who grabbed random girls asses when a much better way to chat them up is to not be a complete cunt.  It's surprisingly easy.