Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Teddy Sheringham hates Gordon Ramsay

Teddy Sheringham was one of many ex-pro players who took part in Soccer Aid the other night, a night that raises money for charity by getting celebrities to play football against and amongst retired players.  Then Sheringham put Gordon Ramsay in a stretcher.

Ramsay was playing for the 'Rest of the World' side against an England side that included Glenn Hoddle and David Seaman and took great delight in winding various people up.  "Comedian" Paddy McGuiness fell foul to the chef's antics and retaliated to a ball being thrown off his back by picking it up and trying to boot it at his face.  It was unintentionally the funniest thing he's ever done, and will only be beaten when eventually he dies choking on his own farts, and Ramsay remained the victor in the exchange.


Teddy Sheringham sought revenge and launched into the side of the Kitchen Nightmares star, breaking him and forcing a medical team to stretcher him off the pitch.  The joke will eventually be on the ex-Spurs forward when Ramsay sets fire to a lobster and puts it in his study.  It will be a lobster fire - the most deadly of all infernos, as we all know.

Also Serge from Kasabian is good at football:

Other people that played were Woody Harrelson, Will Ferrel, Ed Norton, Michael Sheen, Freddie Ljunberg, Mike Myers and Gerard Butler who is the most handsome man I have ever seen in real life.  Did I say that out loud? Oh my, how awkward!  #gayforgerard