Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The Sun: Scum

Harry Redknapp was most likely the favourite candidate for the England manager's job and he was definitely the favourite in the eyes of The Sun newspaper. They announced the appointment of Roy Hodgson in the dignified and respectful manner that we all expect from such a high-class newspaper.

HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA speech impediments are funny! Yes that is a real front page. There have been plenty complaints coming in about the headline, most of them from Jonathon Ross. David Bernstein is the FA Chairman and he has made it clear that the headline was disrespectful, although the FA aren't actually making a formal complaint so they obviously don't care that much.

I can't imagine Roy Hodgson cared too much, he is about 100 so I'm sure he is used to people making fun of his speech impediment. That said, he probably thought the taunts would have ended back in the 1930s when he left secondary school. "Affectionately know as Woy", the article said. Good to see he's got the respect of his peers.

Hodgson is a good appointment, he makes average teams play above themselves and that is exactly what England are. The problem he faces is that England are full of arrogant prima donnas who think they are genuinely in the bracket of elite players. Getting them to listen and actually perform could prove to be difficult. Fuck, if Capello couldn't do it - I don't think anyone can. Apart from maybe coach Gordon Bombay of the Mighty Ducks. Never has a man combined man-management and tactical know-how quite like coach Bombay with the Ducks and Team USA. That penalty shoot out against Iceland will be talked about for years. Who else would have been brave enough to swap Goldberg for Julie Gaffney against the incredible goal scorer Gunner Stahl? Nobody, that's who.