Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Nobody wants to manage Liverpool. Edit: Brendan Rodgers does

Liverpool fired Kenny Dalglish with no real idea as to who they'd get to replace him because what manager wouldn't want to take over a side with no money left to spend and over expectant fans desperate to instantly win the league?

The thing they've forgotten is that Liverpool are going nowhere right now.  Steven Gerrard peaked about three years ago, Luis Suarez is racist, Andy Carroll is god awful and everyone else is just useless.  The best part is all the money they could have spent on creating a title challenging squad was squandered on people like Stewart Downing and Jordan Henderson, which is like spending loads of money on those weird little games at an amusement park where you get tickets and then you exchange the tickets for a prize.  You spend £10 winning tickets so that you can get a key ring which should have cost you 50p.  Liverpool basically bought a whole bunch of key rings and a giant stuffed toy that's good at heading things.

Martinez isn't going, Brendan Rodgers probably won't go and I guess AVB just didn't get the job.  I'm sure he's gutted right now

And then Brendan Rodgers accepted the job.