Monday, 14 May 2012

Steve Kean is a penis

Do you remember when Steve Kean was a really respected, amazing football manager?  No, me neither.  But at least it just got a whole lot worse for him!  PRAISE YOUTUBE

So here's a video from last year that's gonna be all over everywhere tomorrow because it's some guy secretly filming Steve Kean acting like a bell end in a bar.  In the video he tells the fascinating origin story of Phil Jones and how without Steve Kean he would have been turned into fire wood.  It makes Spiderman look believable.  He calls Sam Allardyce a "fucking crook" and then promises that Blackburn will finish top half and win the Carling Cup.  You may recall that they were relegated and won....... nothing.

Congratulations Steve Kean, you are a deluded idiot.  This is the kind of person that I cannot stand being in the same bar as because they talk absolute nonsense but for some reason, people listen.  WHY DO THEY LISTEN?