Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Steve Kean doesn't really get it

Steve Kean has managed to relegate Blackburn Rovers this season but he won't quit.  Why would he quit?  Are you trying to say he's shit?  Well maybe he is, but at least he's popular!

The Scottish manager has announced that he has absolutely no plans to resign and wants to try and lead Blackburn into the Premiership next year.  Just give it up man.  Seriously it's just beyond the funny part now.  Not only are you thought of as a very poor manager, but you also now have the statistics to prove it.  Happy times!
"I am not going to walk away.  I will sit down with the owners and discuss a plan on how to assemble a squad to help us bounce back up straight away."
I can't help but compare Steve Kean to all the bad guys in any long running childrens cartoon or action show.  He keeps sending the same brainless, terrible minions out on to the field to do his work with no real plan other than 'try and last five minutes without dying', and then a bunch of teenagers kick their asses, do some high fives and he ends up looking like an idiot.  Every week.  Except instead of cursing to himself in his evil moon lair for his failures, he has to accept reviews from thousands of obese football fans as they shout abuse at some of the fittest athletes in world sport from their living room.  He's basically this guy

Although technically that guy is a girl.  Equal rights, people!