Monday, 28 May 2012

Stefano Mauri is arrested

The captain of Lazio, Stefano Mauri, has been arrested by police investigating match fixing. Delicious!

The police have gone tits all over Italy to try and stop illegal match fixing ruining football even though it's already really boring in Italy. I used to watch Gazetta Italia too, but man, the live games were so boring. Half the time I just watched it to see if Ronaldo or Del Piero were playing but it was like Jurassic Park - you never saw them. I'd honestly rather have just driven round the actual Jurassic Park but with the enclosures housing wild Ronaldos and Robert Baggios instead, and then we could watch them feed. There's nothing more majestic than seeing a live goat being hoisted in by crane to Ronaldo's paddock and then him firing into it. And then they drop in some tacos, and wings. And then another goat. He's a growing boy, he needs his bones to get strong!