Sunday, 13 May 2012

Someone wants to buy Rangers

Former Sheffield United chief executive Charles Green sounds like someone that would wear a top hat.  Make that 'evil dungeon keeper's cape' because he's had a bid for Rangers accepted!

Green, 59, has had an £8.5 million bid for the troubled Glasgow club accepted and this just goes to show that I really don't understand what's going on.  At all.  I thought they owed like £100million and were going to be kicked out of football.  What happened to that?  £8.5million doesn't sound like an awful lot of money for a football club, let alone a giant evil one.  Is this how the bad guys in movies always have loads of cash?  They just go around buying existing evil corporations because they're cheaper, spending the rest of the money on technology that no-one actually needs but is an important plot device in order to get more than 20 episodes out of one season?  How does Shredder have money?  WHAT IS GOING ON