Monday, 21 May 2012

Some jerk stole Man City's match ball

Sergio Aguero scored quite an important goal the other day.  Hopefully you'll remember, and one kid certainly will because he ran on the pitch and stole the ball during the post-match celebrations.  Man City want it back.

Security staff hired their very best Where's Wally player to observe footage of the crowd invasion and identified the little skally who thieved the historical ball.  Police were called and paid a visit to a 17 year old's house and very kindly decided not to arrest him and instead make him go to the club and apologise to everyone he'd upset.  They might have thought this was a very generous life lesson where he learns that it's not the system he's doing in, but real people with real tears, but actually it's just going to spur him on to become a Joker like character, terrorising the city for years to come.  They should have thrown his ass in jail while they had the chance, or even the tiger enclosure of a zoo.  Or the polar bears.  Or the lions!  Or the reptile house.

I like the zoo.