Thursday, 3 May 2012

Sol Campbell is retired, not dead

Vietnam veteran Sol Campbell has finally retired, saying that the images installed in his brain just won't go away.  Damn you America!!!

Now Sol can concentrate on the important things in life like not being afraid to tell the world how you really feel about things.  If I could retire right now all I'd do is sit around reading stuff on the internet because I wanted to and not because I'm such a fucking bell end that I got sun stroke from 3 days of sun on holiday.  Sol will be looking for a different kind of stroke of course, the stroke of a club on the golf course as he sinks his balls into numerous holes.  I have no idea why I've written so many strange sentences in this one, poorly constructed paragraph but perhaps the greatest gift of all would be if just one of you would like to be our lawyer we could just run ideas past from time to time before we publish them on the internet.

Good night, Sol.  I will never forget those like 12 games you played for Newcastle, because you were fucking terrible.  I also will never forget the moment you scored a perfectly good goal against Argentina, celebrated a lot and then it was disallowed, because that was very funny.