Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Serbian player kicked out of team for not singing national anthem

Adem Ljajic plays for Fiorentina and until recently for his country, Serbia.  "Why until recently?" I hear you ask, well that's because he didn't the sing the words to the national anthem before their friendly against Spain.

The midfielder has "felt the wrath" of national manager Sinisa Mihajlovic, which makes him sound a whole lot more evil than I imagine he actually is.  Wrath makes him sound like he runs some diabolical organisation intent on taking over the world or that he's just really mad.  Then again, national anthems are a serious business:
“Coach Mihajlovic yesterday held a meeting with Ljajic. After hearing Ljajic did not sing the anthem due to personal reasons and that that stance would not change, Sinisa Mihajlovic told the player to return home.
“The door has not been closed forever on the national team but he needs to change his attitude and officially notify Mihajlovic that he has done so. Then when his form merits it, he can return.”
And when I take over this planet you can be assured that anyone who doesn't sing the national anthem will be forced to live in a giant fish tank in my 'loser' museum I will have built.  It will be like sea world except AC/DC play live all day and the sharks have legs and can breathe outside of water, and Adem Ljajic rides on their back like they are a terrifying horse.  And he yells the national anthem which will be the best song ever and probably like an AC/DC song.  Does the lead singer from that band sing in the same way at karaoke?  I always wondered that.