Monday, 21 May 2012

Scottish players should leave Scotland

Richard Snodgrass thinks Scotland players should leave their homeland and move to England in order to actually get good at football, as opposed to "awful" like everyone else.

The 24 year old is captain of Leeds United and thinks the 'exodus' of players to English leagues is a good thing for the game:
"It's good for the nation that these players are going down there and improving their game.   
The fans in Scotland want to see them, but they will get to see them in the national side when they are terrorising nations all over the place. 
This is what we want to see at Hampden. This is what we want back."
He's right you know.  The only thing you learn in Scottish football is how to kick the ball as far away from where you are as you can, how to deal with embarrassment at the hands of Celtic or Rangers and to accept that playing for any team other than one of those two is completely pointless if you want to win anything.  Although Hearts did just win a trophy.  What you have to remember in this situation is winning the Scottish Cup is honestly about as prestigious as getting a toaster in a raffle.  It's also less work, so in a way, a lot better.  Take that, athletes!