Sunday, 27 May 2012

Scotland are good at soccer

Craig Levein is doing very well at managing Scotland and last night/this morning oversaw a 5-1 loss against the USA. Our goal was an own goal. Hooray!

The USA goals were all scored by players like Landon Donovan and people like that who are actually really good, whereas Scotland were captained by Kenny Miller. I don't know what you expect to achieve by putting someone like that in charge of a team but then again I'm not sure Scotland really expect anything from life other than to lose at most things. I'd just like to survive past 50, winning a trophy would be an added bonus. I'd even just like a pint right now but even that seems like an effort. That is also mainly because I'm on a train at the moment. I should probably enter this article into a competition, I'm no Henry Winter but I've got a feeling about this one. It's deep in my bones, down in my pants. Oh no wait, that's my phone. Hello? No sorry wrong number. Why is my phone in my pants?