Tuesday, 15 May 2012

RVP is secretive

Arsenal captain Robin van Persie has dropped some mysterious hints as to what lies ahead for his footballing future by telling Arsenal fans that whatever happens, he still loves them.  THAT MEANS BREAKING UP!

The Dutch striker will start discussing a new contract this summer with his set to expire at the end of next season.  Man City are going to bid £25million - that's not even really a rumour anymore - and offer him £250,000 a week which means that Arsene Wenger's first offer of a £50 iTunes gift card might need to be bettered.  RVP said:
"I love this club. Whatever happens that will never change,"
Yeh we've all heard that before and they never really mean it.  I thought murdering that village would win me her love but apparently thats not a 'real way of showing how I feel'.  If I'd known that 'flowers' were the appropriate answer I'd have bought them instead.  How did I even get that choice in a shop?