Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Roy Hodgson might leave John Terry at home

Because John Terry was possibly racist to Rio Ferdinand's brother, Roy Hodgson has a sneaking suspicion that the two of them might not be the best team mates ever in this summer's Euro 2012 tournament.  Terry will lose out!

Here we have an artist's impression of what Hodgson would like JT and Rio to do, except for the pink bear which is calling the brownish orange one 'a stupid brown mother fucker', and the brown one is calling the pink one a 'gaybo'.  The Care Bears are disgusting creatures when the cameras are turned off, and this is why Hodgson might leave Terry behind in his England squad for the tournament.

This 'news' is a rumour that the Daily Mail have decided to run so I have no idea if it's actually true or not and tbh it probably isn't, so just treat this article with the complete disregard it deserves.  That invitation extends to almost everything I've ever written, with the exception of some of my dissertation.  Specifically the bit where I referenced GTA IV and The Simpsons.