Thursday, 3 May 2012

Roy Hodgson wants an assistant

Roy Hodgson will have been pleased to see the Sun's grovelling apology today, and it has inspired him to search for an apprentice.  Will it be Everton captain Phil Neville?  Or former England legend Alan Shearer?  It might be Paul Ince.  hahhahahHah ahahaHAHahah ahahahahaha

I would genuinely love it if Paul Ince got the job of England assistant because first of all, I feel bad for insulting him at every single opportunity for no real reason, secondly because I think he'd be the first black assistant manager England have had and that's good and thirdly, it will make for hilarious television.  He's like football's Baldrick but more handsome.

"I have a cunning plan"
"Let me guess.... is it to shoo "It's to shoot at the goal."

In other news, the backlash from the Sun's terrible choice of front cover continues as they say things like 'ohhh but we have friends with speech impediments'.  If you buy that paper for anything other than to guess the name and age of the girl with tits on Page 3, you deserve to be put down.