Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Roberto Mancini is a strict parent

Manchester City manager Roberto humuhmumhumhnunuh MANCINI has released his own son from the club for not being good enough.  That'll teach him!

It's not exactly a bad thing not being able to cut it at the very top level, and it's not as if this guy is suddenly going to be poor.  If he doesn't get another club, which of course he will because he's Roberto Mancini's son, he can just go and hang out at the pool at his Dad's house and drink loads of beer and play video games.  And then he can start a mildly successful football blog and cry into the night at the failure of a man he has become when shouting at a television to fucking wise up when a 12 year old shoots you faster at Call of Duty becomes a daily exercise.

Oh... wat