Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Real Madrid want Ivanovic

Serbian defender Branislav Ivanovic might look like the kind of guy who would eat your still beating heart in front of your face, but Real Madrid really want to sign him.

The player has said that he is aware of interest from Jose Mourinho's side but likes living in London:
"I know there is an interest from Madrid, who are following me. But it's not the time to talk about it now.  I'm very happy with Chelsea. I have just won the Champions League, a change is complicated. I am very happy in London."
It's not as if any clubs can use any kidnapping tactics to force Ivanovic into moving either, since I'm pretty sure he doesn't sleep.  Sleeping is a weakness women use to justify lying down when they could be doing push ups.  Those horrible sluts!  His only weakness is after he's jumped over you and made the ground shake he leans over, and that's when you can jump on his back.  I think it's five times and he dies.  And then you get to rescue the princess