Friday, 11 May 2012

Police question Manchester United over Bebe

Bebe's chances of winning Euro 2012 are 0 because it turns out he's fucking terrible.  Who knew?  He's so bad that the police have actually asked Manchester United to explain why they bought him or something.

If you condense and summarise the whole story, Manchester United bought a homeless guy for £7.4million having never, ever seen him play football.  Even Walt Disney woke up from his jew hating frozen state to tell script writers to fuck off amid news that Portugeuese police have been investigating the finances of Guimaraes, the club he signed from, and plan to interview the Manchester club to find out wtf happened.

Currently on loan at Besiktas, Bebe got injured after about 3 games and has missed 8 months of the season.  Still no-one knows if he's actually any good and he's probably quite rich, having, it seems, done absolutely nothing.  It's as mysterious a tale as the Bermuda Triangle or Area 51 except with a real guy who we have pictures of.  If Agent Mulder turns up at the game against Sunderland, don't be surprised.  This is a case for the real investigators and also they've finally gotten round to taking Berbatov's blood as anti-venom for when he bites someone.