Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Players will be sent off for 'Gerrard tackles'

England players have been warned that making overly aggressive unnecessary tackles like Steven Gerrard's against Norway, will result in being sent off.  Who knew?!

Some argue that this type of strong challenge is what football is all about.  Launching into a perfectly controlled tackle that takes the ball and lets the man know you are there COR BLIMEY GUV WAT WAT.  I, however, believe this to be a cunt's trick especially if you're battering into someone at the half way line in a pointless friendly.  I have never enjoyed playing football when I genuinely think that the mental skin head is going to try and break my legs if I dribble past him, but then I'm not a pro.

Crunching tackles made in the last third or even to stop a break away are awesome to watch when they are done with the skill and control that someone like Xavi applies to his passing.  The difference is that if Xavi mistimes then he loses possession, and if say Gerrard mistimes, the opposite player loses possession. Of his leg.

Super famous head of referees Pierluigi Collina said:
"We have reminded all the referees to resolve actions that may jeopardise the safety of an opponent.  "UEFA also does not want to see a referee surrounded by players who are protesting. This does not give a good image and protesting players can expect yellow cards. We do not want to see 20 players in a massive confrontation and the initiators will be shown yellow cards."
I wrote a whole funny bit here about misplaced aggression but then Safari refreshed itself and I punched a workmate in the face.  You had to be there, I guess.