Monday, 21 May 2012

Pat Fenlon is the best at losing

If you are going to get beaten in a cup final then go big. Hibs and Pat Fenlon in particular, showed everyone how to lose in style.

Hibs and Hearts hadn't played each other in a cup final since 247BC. Hearts had the upper hand, considering they have actually won the cup this century. For some reason people were giving Hibs a chance, the fact that this was an Edinburgh derby clearly making them forget just how rubbish Hibs are. Plenty of people moaned about the referee and the red card but Hibs lost 5-1, that is a good old-fashioned hiding. 

Pat Fenlon was mega-pissed off and got himself sent to the stands for shouting abuse at the referee. After he was sent to the stands he made the gesture above. This is a gesture that he denies making to the Hearts's fans and actually this was aimed at nobody in particular. His players kept giving the ball away so he conveyed his anger with an aggressive gesture to the air. Curse you air! I remember I once got arrested for something very similar. The police thought I was gesturing towards some Rangers' fans but I explained to them that I really don't like seagulls and they fully understood. 

Hopefully Hibs will continue to be dreadful again next season so I can say with confidence there is at least one team worse than Aberdeen. And that team just so happened to beat us in the Scottish Cup semi-final, how embarrassing.