Thursday, 3 May 2012

Papiss Cisse is confident

Papiss Cisse continued to score ridiculous goals in his very impressive debut Newcastle season, putting two of the best seen this year past Petr Cech and his magic hat.

The number 9 shirt at Newcastle is a sacred and worthy one for anyone to wear, but Cisse seems to be doing it some justice.  With Newcastle chasing a Champions League place and suffering a 4-0 defeat to Wigan last time they played, most people expected a Chelsea win but they didn't take into account these:


And for these reasons this is why I'm voting Papiss Cisse as the most awesome Senegalese goalscorer against Chelsea I have ever seen.  Sure, there were many more candidates but I'd like to see them score that goal first or possibly to put animals in suits and take photos of them, because that is never not funny.