Wednesday, 16 May 2012

No one wants Kari Arnason

Kari Arnason is a player for Aberdeen and if you haven't heard of him, don't worry, because absolutely no-one wants him.  The 'contract rebel' has decided staying at his current club might be a good idea, if he wants a job, which he does.

The sexy mother hubbard has performed a U-turn on his decision to leave Pittodrie in the summer because he's discovered that no-one wants to pay him £5000 a week to play football.  The Icelandic midfielder has announced that 'actually I will consider a new offer from you guys' after going for a little shop around some other clubs and Craig Brown will try to offer a negotiated deal and keep hold of one of his star players.  It's like when my girlfriend told me "JJ I'm leaving you because I don't like you anymore, I'm too hot for you and you're not rich enough to buy me things" but the joke's on her because now I live at home with my parents!  Wait

sad potato