Friday, 25 May 2012

No one likes Arjen Robben

Despite being one of the best players the club has had in recent history, Bayern Munich's Arjen Robben now gets booed by his own fans because he missed a penalty.  "Penalty jerk" they call him and they go "booooooooo, penalty jerk".  Let's all join in together

The Dutch winger has been encouraged to leave by team-mate Mark Van Bommell who thinks that when an entire crowd hate your guts, it's probably time to consider employment elsewhere.  His international team-mate Wesley Snipes then chipped in:
The fans' reaction was absolutely disgraceful. And that's not all. It's also remarkable to see that nobody at Bayern has defended him
So Robben misses one penalty in extra-time that would have secured his place in the club's history and suddenly he's being hounded out of the country.  You could argue that it's the crowd mentality in the fans that has caused them to act this way but this is Germany - I've never heard of anyone from there blindly following one other person into an immoral crusade to remove a Dutch person from his house.  Oh wait, I have.  WAR JOKES HA HA AH AHAH AHA HAA

War is never funny.  You should be ashamed.