Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Nick Barmby is fired

Hull City have fired boss Nick Barmby after only 6 months because he was dissin them in the press, yo.  That shit does not go down in this town, dawg

The ex-England international retired from his playing career in order to manage the tigers, who finished in 8th position in the championship this season, but they don't care because those fat cats in their corporate buildings just don't have time for the little man!  Barmby said something to the media about the club not spending money in January or something equally disgraceful, and if truth be told, he should feel lucky that they haven't put out a hit on him yet.
"The comments concerned were wholly misleading and implied that the board had not made funds available to Nick to strengthen the first-team squad during the January transfer window. This is completely untrue.
"The board consider the comments made by Nick unjustifiably cast public doubt on the honesty and integrity of the board and its members."
Yeh yeh whatever.  All I hear is the sweet sound of Ray Charles playing piano in a jazz trio when I read those words and that's because I'm listening to it right now.  I CAN'T DO TWO THINGS AT ONCE, HULL.  MAKE UP YOUR MIND