Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Newcastle might sell everyone

Alan Pardew won the LMA manager of the year award yesterday, which is nice because he's probably going to sell all of his players.

The Newcastle manager managed to get his team to finish 5th place, narrowly missing out on Champions League football and thus giving the club its best finish in England for about 30,000 years.  Because the players all over performed they are worth lots of money and teams like Chelsea and Chelsea want to sign them all:
"It's impossible to restrict Real Madrid, Barcelona, Chelsea, Manchester City from coming in for one of our players.
"We have players who are not on the salaries these top clubs can offer."
There's something to be said for having heart and dedication to a club, but the older I get the more I realise that selling out is a tremendous idea.  Working absolutely sucks so if Demba Ba decides that playing 3 seasons for some oil funded money fountain will set him up to fanny around for the next 60 years, I'm all for it.  

Pardew has said that he expects his team to be even stronger next year so I think this means he's going to hire Dolph Lundgren and Ivan Drago because they are really tough.  If you put those guys next to Tiote and Ryan Taylor you'd have the scariest Village People tribute a human mind can imagine.