Friday, 4 May 2012

Motherwell are in the Champions League

Barcelona and co beware, for Stuart McCall's Motherwell side have qualified for the tournament for the first time ever.

Because of Rangers' hilarious financial difficulties, the Fir Park side qualify for the tournament despite finishing 3rd in Scotland's 'top flight' and will start in the non-champions unseeded 3rd round of qualifying.  That means they can play against teams you've never heard of from eastern Europe and lose 1-0 before the other real teams have even returned from holiday, making the entire of the previous season's work completely pointless.

I'll actually be hoping Motherwell make it to the semi-finals because watching a Scottish team who isn't part of the Old Firm on TV might actually by quite fun, unless they have to play another Scottish team.  It's a bit like watching It's a Knockout except instead of the contestants laughing when they lose and fall in the water, we'll get to watch their sad, sad faces.

Congratulations, friends!