Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Mickey Mouse wants more football

ESPN are owned by Disney, which is something I should have known but I genuinely didn't. Now I understand how they are able to spend lots of money on football games and things like Robbie Savage. With the TV rights up for review, Mickey Mouse and his friends want more games and they want better games.

If you want real information then go to a real football website but basically the Premier League rights will go to auction. There is no loyalty in football and nobody gives a shit how much we pay for Sky - ultimately the Premier League games will go to the highest bidder. Literally billions of pounds are involved when it comes to the Premier League and there is a reason that so much money is floating around. You make more money finishing 17th in the Premier League than if you finish 3rd in La Liga - I think. I could have just made that up but it sounds like a stat.

I don't know why but to me ESPN just always seems really cheap and tacky. Even with it's HD channel there is just something lacking with their broadcasts. Monday Night Football with Gary Neville on Sky is genuinely brilliant and I cannot imagine some useless twat like Robbie Earle giving the same insight if games were punted to ESPN. As long as we do everything in our power to keep games away from ITV then I am 100% behind any changes. I forgot to be funny, it's been a long day.