Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Mancini is now playing mind games

Following Man City's successful 1-0 victory over title rivals Man United last night, Roberto Mancini immediately began part 2 of his cunning plan.


Rather than simply try and motivate his own team and make sure their own tactics are spot on, Mancini seems to have realised that simply psyching out your opponent will do, and that's what he's been up to in every interview he's had.

"It's a great victory but we have two difficult games left and United have two easy games,"

The easy games he's referring to are Swansea and Sunderland who have absolutely nothing to play for other than the joy of it, while City take on Newcastle away and then an almost relegated QPR at home on the last day of the season. Ferguson doesn't seem to know what to do with himself when someone else does his job, and while Mancini berated the referee and fourth official all game, he just sort of sulked until he nearly started an old man fight so he could be involved. I can empathise because I often do the same thing at my Grandads home so that when one dies I can glue the remaining bits from the loser to my creation, whom I call 'the creature'. He just wants to be loved!