Friday, 11 May 2012

Manchester United's new strip is horrendous

This isn't really a story but I saw the strip and thought it was hideous.

Some people might think this is nice and I guess that is how the world works. Despite that, you are definitely wrong. It's supposed to be a tribute to the aulde cotton industry of Manchester when the club was formed back in 1878.

You'll be please to know that the strip comes free with an equally terrible slogan - "Forged in industry, made of Manchester." I don't really know what it means but someone, somewhere in some high up important place in the Nike castle decided this was good.

The design is called "Gingham" which I guess is designer for tea-towel. You should listen to my opinion because I know a thing or two about style. Most days I usually stroll around town in my tracksuit bottoms wearing Crocs and my favourite ever Aberdeen strip.