Monday, 14 May 2012

Manchester City won the Premier League

Have you seen this?  Have you heard about this?  What a terrific audience.

I bounced like a bionic kangaroo when Sergio Aguero struck a last, last minute goal against Mark Hughes' shitty QPR team to win the Premier League in the most dramatic finish to a season ever.  Of all time.  Ever ever.  For reals.  City almost managed to throw away what should have been a relatively easy three points, leading QPR 1-0 at the break with Joleon Lescott's alien powers letting him down and allowing Djibril Cisse to score.  Even more embarrassingly, they then failed to capitalise on having an extra man when Joey Barton heroically got himself sent off for assaulting Carlos Tevez (we'll cover that later) and let Jamie Mackie score a header, even though the only reason he was there is that he's friends with Clint Hill and no-one else could manage.

Manchester United thought they had won having beaten Sunderland 1-0, and Phil Jones even started fist pumping in celebration.  AND THEN!  Edin Dzeko repaid some of his very large transfer fee by scoring an equaliser AND THEN Sergio Aguero did this:

You can watch any number of different versions on YouTube, the one consistent theme is that the commentator goes fucking mental.  The other consistent theme is that you are watching the same clip over and over again, I guess.  There's a few consistent themes but to relive that moment of stealing the title from Manchester United almost makes up for all the years I've had to put up with glory hunting assholes.  I was very, very, very happy and I don't even support Man City.  Jack was also very pleased with the result ha ah aha ha ha a a ah ah ah hah a aha ha a  h ah aha ha h a ahaaha ha haha  aha a

And then I went out and drank loads of BrewDog.  It was a wonderful day.  Did I mention that Man City won the league?