Friday, 11 May 2012

Lionel Messi might be racist

I think we all agree now that Lionel Messi is a cheat player and Barcelona should be forced to play with like 9 men, or only use players with a purple downwards arrow, but now all your love might be misplaced, because he's racist!  Maybe.

Some would argue that because he bangs Spanish chicks, and also other nationalities, he's very accommodating of different creeds and colours, but when it comes to dudes he's not quite as nice as you all think.  Royston Drenthe, for instance, told Dutch magazine, Helden:
"I played against [Messi] many times and we always have problems with each other,"
"You know what bothers me so? That tone with which he always says, 'negro, negro'. I understand that negro in South America is very common, but we cannot stand it.
"When Hercules played Barcelona, during the game I had a small altercation with him. He gave me a hand in the match and again said a few times, 'hola negro'.
So it's the exact same thing as Luis Suarez, who people tried to practically fucking crucify because he's got stupid teeth, and now our darling Lionel Messi gets away with it.  No!  You don't go around being racist, just because it's cool back at home.  If I did everything that was acceptable back at home I'd probably....... uhhh... be racist I guess, but somehow I'm not.  I believe it's called 'having a brain'.

Barcelona, of course, denied this immediately and somewhere in Nike headquarters an exec's head exploded under the incredibly difficult decisions they're going to have to face if this progresses.  At this point Messi could honestly turn out to be a serial murderer and we'd still go "aww but he's so good to watch" so I doubt he'll have too much to worry about.  Except for sharks.  Always be careful around sharks.