Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Kenny Dalglish is sacked

Kenny Dalglish's post season review with Liverpool's owners went so well that he doesn't have a job anymore.

The Scot, 61, took Liverpool to Carling Cup "glory" as well as a near miss in the FA Cup final but the rest of the season was just a giant mess.  Liverpool were absolutely dreadful in the Premier League considering they'd spent something like £100million on their squad and I think the real nail in the coffin, as we mention every time Dalglish appears here, is the unbelievable misspending on Stewart Downing, Jordan Henderson and Andy Carroll.  They alone cost £70million.

He's basically a real life Jack and the Beanstalk except instead of apologising for stuff he's done wrong he accidentally supports racism.  If you gave him £10 to buy a cow at the market he'd come back with a cow and then tell you that you owe him another £4000.  And then it would turn out that the cow was shit.