Monday, 14 May 2012

Kenny Dalglish is really good, says Kenny Dalglish

Kenny Dalglish doesn't seem to understand that just because you were good at something in the 80s, it doesn't mean you're still great at it, JENNA JAMESON.  Wait, I mean KENNY DALGLISH

The Liverpool manager reacted angrily to reports he is going to leave Liverpool in the summer because he's been absolutely terrible at his job.  Liverpool won the Carling Cup, which is like if a manager at your work gives you a mars bar because you turned up for work on time, and finished 8th in the league, below arch rivals Everton.  ERMEGERD!!
 "I expect the owners to have more dignity and integrity than to believe a story in a newspaper."
That's what he said when questioned about the rumour of Roberto Martinez being lined up as a replacement.  Dalglish spent £35million on Andy Carroll.  He should be tied to a rocket and fired to the moon for that kind of decision making.  For spending £18million on Stewart Downing he should just be put down and for his atrocious handling of the 'racism-gate' stuff he should be brought back to life and forced to watch the same episode of Changing Rooms 8000 times or until we hear him screaming, which should take about 1 time.  I fucking hate that show