Friday, 25 May 2012

John Ruddy has a broken finger, is out of Euro 2012

Norwich goalkeeper John Ruddy has had his dream come true inclusion in England's Euro 2012 squad destroyed by breaking his finger.  Roy Hodgson called up some other guy I've never heard of.  Which is actually quite an easy thing to do, in all fairness.

The goalie, 25, was a surprise inclusion in Roy Hodson's squad if only for the fact that suddenly everyone  realised how awful England's selection choices really are.  Ruddy had to get special permission from England to attend his wedding, missing the VERY important friendly against Belgium as a warm up to the tournament but now that doesn't matter so he can get married instead.  He tweeted:
To everyone who has asked…as if it wasn't unlucky enough, it IS my ring finger and also my first ever broken bone!
But he'll have a different broken bone after his wedding night!  Am I right guys?  Ahhh you don't get it.

Some 19 year old kid called Jack Butland has been called up to action and this great because not only has he only ever played about 20 games in League Two, which isn't even a real league, but his name is butt land. hH AHa ah aha h ha a a


ha hah ah ahah ahahahaa

No but seriously, good luck, man.  And sorry for teasing you like this was a classroom, it's just that I'm..... not....... funny.  At all.