Tuesday, 8 May 2012

James McClean is popular

James McClean decided to play for Ireland recently because Northern Ireland are completely awful, he's actually got an Irish passport, it makes sense financially and also because of something to do with being catholic and not fitting in.  HERE COME THE RETARDS

Yes, despite looking like someone that would believe their teddy bear was alive if you hid a tape recorder inside it and left various messages, McClean has pissed off a whole bunch of people in Northern Ireland now that he's been selected for the Euro 2012 squad and has received lots of wonderful sectarianism abuse on twitter:
RobbieLittle@PotKettleBlack3: “F*** up your dirty fenian b****** il make sure you get shot when you set foot back into gods country #FTP.”  
James W Magee@JamesWMagee07: “U deserve to be shot for that comment!! Your playing for Ireland and not the country you were born in (NI). #p****”
What nice people.  I look forward to the day they eventually set foot outside the tiny town they live in and   come face to face with 'real life'.  That's the problem with people who live in a village, they get so insular and far away from real society that eventually you forget what's right and what's wrong and spend thursday evenings hiding outside people's windows, dressed like Pluto the dog.  The hardest part is top floor flats.

James McClean doesn't care because he says:
Absolutely honoured and couldn't be happier to have been called up to represent my country at the euros no better feelin! #COYBIG #ireland #euro12
And then he went back to his factory to check on the staff because inventing toothpaste is a tough job.  I could have sworn toothpaste has been around longer than him.