Wednesday, 9 May 2012

James McClean closes his Twitter account

James McClean has closed his Twitter account after deciding he was bored with being inundated with threats to his life because of something to do with religion and what team he wants to play football for.

The Sunderland winger was previously delighted to receive the "dogs abuse" but it turns out that was just him being cocky, because it's actually terrifying when a massive dude tells you he wants you dead.  Or a series of massive dudes, or even 12 year olds.  It's basically not nice when people send you death threats, is what I'm trying to say.

There are many sides to this story, and I'd explain them, but my knowledge of the whole Ireland/Northern Ireland thing is awful and I can't help but offend anyone who actively believes in any religion, or who bases their opinions on things like where a country begins and ends whenever I begin talking to them.  I'll save religious ranting for another day because the worst part about this whole fiasco is that McClean no longer has Twitter.  I think if you delete your Facebook you literally die now.