Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Jailed Muamba Tweeter is sorry he's racist

Fabrice Muamba almost died recently and then some 24 year old student went on Twitter and said things like "fuck muamba" and then some racist stuff, but now that he's been to jail he's really sorry about it.

The student told some Welsh magazine/tv thing:

"[It was a] stupid, massive, massive mistake and I've paid a big price for it".
"What I struggle to get my head around was the week or two before I was just a normal kid getting on with my work in university, getting on with life, playing rugby with all my mates, then a week or two later I was just going to prison, everything had been turned upside down,
Oh yeh?  Paid a big price have you?!  Well Muamba almost died, which would have been the ultimate price and his death would have been because of those evil words.  But he tweeted them after he collapsed.  How does that work?  I don't think the BBC have got this one right.  Sticks and stones do hurt more than words unless the word is 'ugly', which I am not.  I'm very handsome.


I've run out of ideas for this one.  This story reeeeeally wouldn't be here if anything else interesting at all was happening in football land today.  Do you want another article about where Robin van Persie isn't going to go?  Yeh let's do that instead.