Thursday, 17 May 2012

Jack Wilshere is broken

The news just keeps getting worse and worse for little Jack Wilshere. Out for the whole of the season, it's been announced that he has suffered yet another setback in his attempt to recover from a broken ankle/injured knee/dodgy legs disease.

There's Wilshere just hanging out in a hot tub with two dudes (Frimpong and Jekinson). There is nothing gay about three dudes hanging out naked in a hot tub and if you think there is then you probably are homophobic or not comfortable with your sexuality. Jenkinson has his hand under the water but he's probably just trying to find his snorkel. 

Wilshere's knee is refusing to heal, despite the doctors shouting at it like they would a dog. Unfortunately like my old dog (RIP), his knee will not heal and he needs another operation. A trip to Sweden is required for the op as doctors look to rectify a problem with his tendon. Arsenal officials are saying that this is no big deal and footballers get this operation all the time. They maintain that this will not have an adverse effect on his recover and he should be back to full fitness in August. Far be it from me to call them liars but I think they are liars. When you watch a film and the doctors say "don't worry this is a very common procedure and complications are very rare" - you know they are going to die. I'm not saying Wilshere is going to die but his football career probably will if his knees and ankles don't stop breaking.