Monday, 7 May 2012

It's the end for Blackburn. By end I mean relegation


From awful Scottish teams to an awful Scottish man- Steve Kean's Blackburn confirmed their relegation to the Championship tonight. They did in style, losing 1-0 at home to Wigan. Above pictured is the moment that Alcaraz scored and condemned Blackburn and their dreadful owners to an unthinkable place called "not the Premier League".

When the Venky's bought over Blackburn they were talking about buying Ronaldinho and sacked Allardyce because he was realistic and knew they would finish mid-table at best. Rather than actually spending any money, they demanded the wage-bill be cut and some debts cleared so off went Samba, Phil Jones, Bret Emerton, Ryan Nelson and Salgado was locked in the basement without food or water. Jason Roberts managed to escape by head-butting his way through solid concrete walls.

There are a few good players around Blackburn so they shouldn't be too upset as they will definitely get bought this summer. As for Bradley Orr, Scott Dann, David Goodwillie, etc they will enjoy playing at a more suitable level. Steve Kean will probably need to move to the most middle of the amazon rain-forest to escape the probably unfair treatment that is going to come his way. Is he guilty of having an egg-shaped head and acting like a twat? Yes. Does he deserve to have death-threats aimed at him? Definitely not.  

Farewell Blackburn, I would like to say that I will miss you but that would be a lie.