Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Italian football might be banned forever

Italy's Prime Minister Mario Monti has suggested that football in the country be stopped for a few years while they try and throw out all the shit bags that have been cheating and ruining it for everyone else.

The new allegations sweeping Italian football have rocked the country as they had hoped they'd put behind those evil match fixing ways.  Police have already arrested Stefano Mauri in this new hunt, and you know that when match fixing spills over in to the main league of a nation that someone's either gotten lazy, or stupid people started trying it out.  The PM said:
"I wonder if it wouldn't be a good idea to suspend the game for two or three years"
By which time all of the clubs would have gone out of business.  It's not an actual suggestion, as he goes on to say, but merely a question he is asking himself as a fan of football.  I'm glad that when the leader of Italy thinks out loud it's quite profound and contemplative because if you start narrating the storyline to Die Hard in public people look at you kinda weird.