Saturday, 19 May 2012

Grant Holt wants to leave

Norwich striker Grant Holt has 'stunned' supporters of the club by handing in a transfer request which has since been rejected.  We found a copy of his written request:

Shocking stuff.  Holt has played in just about every division in England now and has scored goals at every level, except at international level where he will probably never get a chance because he's not as skilful as say.... any other English striker.  If only Grant Holt were given a chance to lead England to glory, which will probably count if they qualify from the group stage given how incredibly optimistic their fans all seem to be.

Holt is one of those "old fashioned" strikers who works really hard to make up for the lack of ability he actually has, and that point just serves to prove why England are so terribly pish because this is applauded by fans up and down the country.  It's like if you got homeless man to perform open heart surgery.  Is the homeless man an ex-surgeon?  MAYBE HE IS!  I'LL NEVER TELL!