Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Garry O'Connor is smart

Gary O'Connor was questioned by police recently on suspicion of cocaine possession so he did what any normal person would and gave a fake name which he couldn't spell, and then ran away.  Amazing.

The Hibs striker was spotted "holding a piece of paper up to his nose" in the back of a Land Rover by police.  I can't make this bit any funnier for you than the BBC already did:
It was said Mr O'Connor had given his name as "Johnston" and run off after starting to spell it as "J..O..S".
He was then caught 300 metres away by police, who let me remind you aren't professional athletes, and visibly shook and tried to catch his breath as he was asked questions like "why are you running away?".  This all happened last May allegedly, and the details have all come out in court.  Details like when they eventually searched his pockets they found a bag of white powder to which he said that someone else put it there.

I can't really make fun of any of this because the case is still on trial so that's why you have been presented with some of the information from the BBC article on it.  If it wasn't on that website I would honestly have thought it was a cartoon.