Friday, 11 May 2012

Gary Neville is going to build a hotel

Gary Neville has been involved in a legal battle with his old club, and I know it's a big secret but I can finally reveal that he supports Manchester United.  I've been carrying that secret for years now.  Phew!

The amazing tv pundit has been trying to win the rights to build a £20million hotel near Old Trafford, with the main opponents being his old club.  Now he's won, GNev can go mental and just build whatever the fuck he wants.  I know what you're thinking though, "there's no way Gary Neville has £20million to spend on a hotel" and I agree, but apparently he made a shit-tonne from his testimonial.  So that's what happens when you go to testimonials, kids.  Footballers spend it on other business ventures and you don't get any credit whatsoever.  It's a lot like when Darren Mackie had his testimonial, and then bought a Nissan Micra and set fire to it in the car park.  Magical.