Friday, 11 May 2012

Gareth Bale might go to Barcelona. But really

Super Welsh space chimp, Gareth Bale, has reportedly been the subject of a £32million bid from Barcelona.  Holy moly!

Harry Redknapp immediately got in his car and drove to some journalists' houses to deny the rumours, saying:
"I wouldn't think there's a slightest bit of truth in that.  Not a chance I wouldn't have thought."
So what he's saying is that there's definitely a chance and he'll probably be sold.  Spurs don't want to lose any of their best players because that will make them shit, and bad teams don't get Champions League places but also money is nice.  So would you rather I gave you Gareth Bale to live in your house forever or would you rather I gave you £32million?  Or the recipe to KFC?  THE CHOICE IS YOURS