Friday, 25 May 2012

Fernando Torres is the main man

Chelsea striker Fernando Torres has been forgiven for moaning about he's been treated at the club and been assured he is now the main striker guy going forward.  Because who really needs to win things anyway?

Chelsea's chief executive, Ron Gourlay said:
"Fernando Torres is the man that we will go forward with and Fernando Torres will score us the goals.  Have no doubt that Fernando Torres is a world‑class centre-forward. We've just won the Champions League and Fernando Torres played his part in that. It's not all about goals. It's not just about the individual scoring goals  … Fernando's teamwork, he is a very, very important player. And I think you will see Fernando Torres score many goals for Chelsea."

This sounds great.  I think basing your entire team around a player that hasn't been good for three years is a great plan.  This is like if you were trying to build a house and you were helping out your sister by letting her son do it for you, even though the last few buildings he made fell down and exploded, and then he turns up on time and runs around the building site for quite a while and suddenly 3 months later he's put down about 8 bricks and there's some bits of wood lying around.  No house.  And also he's completely shit but you're paying him £200,000 a week anyway so he might as well do something.  It's either that or hide him.